Will Rats That Are Relocated Survive?

While many have no issues with terminating the life of a rat, there are those who still see them as the creation of God and, thus, should be protected. Therefore, if they capture one of these animals inside their home, they don’t want to do anything to harm it. They would prefer to take it to another location, set the animal free, and then allow it to thrive in its new location. The question is if a rat will survive once it is relocated?

The Odds Are Against It
This may not be something you like to hear, but the odds are actually against the rat surviving once it has been relocated. There are several reasons behind this. The most significant of these is that the animal has no idea about its new habitat.

In your home, backyard, or business, the animal knew where there was food and shelter. There may have been other rats living with it, so it had protection, companionship, and maybe even a mate.

None of that may be true in a new location. It may not know where to find food and water and could soon find itself starving to death. While rats will eat just about something, there has to be something there for them to eat and that may not be true everywhere they are located.

There is also the concern about new predators where it has been located. On your property, there may have only been a few animals that would have seen the rat as a tasty treat. That may not be true in the relocated place. There may be literally thousands of animals that would love to eat that rat, making its chances of survival minimal at best.

This does not even consider the fact that there is a great deal of stress on a rat when it moves locations. This can cause increased heart rate, nervousness, and lead to greater stress on the heart and nervous system of the rat. As silly as this may sound, it can cause the rat to have a severe physical reaction to the stress it’s under.

Ask the Professionals
While relocated rats have a minimal chance of success, there are still odds that can move in its favor. What is required is that you seek the assistance of professionals who will know how to and where to properly relocate the rat. It is likely in your area that there is a wildlife rehabilitation center. These professionals work to help animals to return to locations where they have a likely chance of thriving. Your first call should be here. Ask these professionals where would be a good location to drop the rat off and what procedures you should follow before doing so. Seeking the help of professionals will make it more likely that your rat will survive. This should make your efforts to protect this animal much more fruitful, and give that rat an even greater chance to have a life of success.

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